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Placing an Order / Contact Information

From traditional methods such as telephone or fax, to more recent avenues such as the internet and email, we make the ordering process as easy as possible.

If emailing, we will accept attachements in the form of Word, Excel, Text, TIF, or PDF. When placing an order by email or fax, please include the following information:

  • Account Number (we will not process an order without this)
  • Purchase Order
  • Shipping information (if other than your normal "ship to" and next delivery day)
  • Contact Information (to confirm the order or if we have questions)
  • For each item ordered
    • Florstar item number
    • Quantity with Unit of Measure (ie SF, CT, SY etc...)
    • Sidemarks
    • Minimum (if ordering a roll/balance)
    • Special Instructions (shade/dye lot matching, etc...)

Ordering Information:
Phone: 1-800-942-6285
E-Mail: orders@florstar.com
Online: "iFocus" Online Order Entry

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